How to Collect System Info with Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

Thе option of collecting system information gives us a chance to analyze your computer’s actual virus vulnerability status, check the persistence of any particular malware program on your computer, and make certain modifications to our anti-virus database to help you get rid of particular viruses (even the latest ones). We might ask you to generate this special file about your system’s security status for us to analyze it. Please go to the “Tools” menu and select “Collect System Info” to generate it.

Collect System Information function
To launch system information collection, access Tools bar and click Collect System Info button.

When the report is generated, please, save it to a certain folder on your computer (click “Save to file…” button) and send it to us for our analysis via customer ticket support system (by creating a new ticket).

Saving a System Info file
When the report is generated, please, save it on your computer and send it to us

Please do not create multiple tickets but rather keep up with the update of the issue in one ticket you already created.

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