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We gather threats information all day with our analytics to have better results and the best reaction to new android threats. So stay with us, and you’ll receive the protection you need.

  • Download and install Trojan Scanner for Android

    Trojan Scanner is an app for Android designed to protect your smartphone from trojans, adware, spyware, rootkits, backdoors, viruses, and other threats. Follow the instructions in this article to download and install the app on Android devices. These steps also apply to reinstallation in case of an accidental uninstall. On your Android device, open the…

  • On-Demand Scan with Trojan Scanner for Android

    The On-Demand Scan with Trojan Scanner for Android will check: Memory and Running applications; System Applications on your device; Autorun applications on your device; External installed applications on your device. After the On-Demand Scan, you will see the scanning process with the progress bar and indicate which type of applications are scanning. If Trojan Scanner…

  • What to do with Scan Results in Trojan Scanner for Android?

    After every scan you run a scan result can be viewed in the interface panel. You can see what is the state of the last scan, when did it take place, the run time of a scan, how many apps were checked. In a case of a threat detected the report will show how many…

  • What are the features and capabilities of Trojan Scanner for Android

    Trojan Scanner for Android is a part of Gridinsoft software family that allows for the quick and easy cleaning of your phone from any threats out there. Having a simple interface and powerful features the software will help you to get rid of many troubles with the most success and effect. Apart from the standard…

  • What is Applications Usage Statistics in Trojan Scanner for Android?

    This feature allows to effectively manage your apps; it detects the ones unused for a long time or those that were not used at all. It provides information on the last program start and the general time of app usage. With this feature user can successfully delete old junk apps. You can set the setting…

  • What is Cure My PC in Trojan Scanner for Android?

    With this option you can easily clean your PC from any threats. In case there`s threat present to your PC click on it and follow the instructions. First you will be asked to choose the path where the software will be downloaded. Then connect your phone or flash drive to the PC. Run the software.…

  • How to manage settings in Trojan Scanner for Android?

    With the relatively easy interface in Trojan Scanner you won’t find it difficult to manage the settings in the program. Let’s see what you can do here in Trojan Scanner for Android. Open the program and tap in the top left corner of your screen on the three lines. Find settings. Tap on them. Now…

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