Protection with Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

The Protect Tab shows the general level of protection available and activated on your computer. The program’s protection is represented by three powerful proactive functions from GridinSoft: Internet Security, On-Run Protection, USB Protection.

Protect tab gives information on level of your protection. There are also switches here to enable and disable levels of protection.
From the Protect tab, you can control the level of your system protection and access protection logs.

On this tab, you can view:

  • the present level of protection of your computer, depending on the number of protection elements activated;
  • the activity time of at least one security element;
  • the current Report Log with the specification of what object and by which protection element was detected and what action was applied to it;
  • the number of scanned and detected objects, total and separate for each element.
Accessing report logs
To access logs, click “View Log>>.”

As the name implies, Internet Security is a tool that blocks suspicious and dangerous websites, allowing you to think twice before you access them. If you attempt to view a dubious resource or access a website with malicious scripts, Internet Security will either give you a warning or block the site whatsoever, respectively.

On-run protection checks newly downloaded files and watches out for suspicious system activity. It detects malware before it does any harm to your PC.

Removable device protection blocks access to any attached device before it is scanned for threats. For instance, files on an infected USB drive cannot launch themselves, you or the system have to do it, and GridinSoft Anti-Malware does the check before it happens.

Protection tab report log
Report logs on protection contain records on all actions that GridinSoft Anti-Malware has taken.

To access logs, click a blue-text button “View Log>>.” The link will take you to the list of the program’s actions recorded. You’ll see an indication of the date when the action took place, and the module, which carried out the procedure next to every entry.

Link blocking undoing
Some of the actions recorded in the log can be undone.

The report log allows undoing any action that can be undone. For example, you can restore a quarantined item or put a file or a link to an ignore list, meaning that it won’t trigger detections after that.

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