Resetting Browser Settings with Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

Most of the malware infects not only your system but your browser also. Nasty redirects, slow performance of search process, ads, replaced homepage and search engine – these are consequences of annoying browser virus.

Moreover, such browser hijacker possesses a real threat to your privacy. GridinSoft Team found lots of cases when an unwanted search engine collects history and personal information of the victim and uses them in own purpose. Popular antiviruses can’t detect and remove such kind of threats when antimalware software is specially created for that.

We recommend resetting your browser settings regularly to be sure of your internet security.

How to run the process of resetting browser settings?

The most efficient way is to reset browser settings automatically. GridinSoft Anti-Malware offers a free tool that will make your browsers clean just in one click.

Reset Browser settings tool
In order to reset these settings back to the normal mode, please click “Tools” menu tab and then select “Reset Browser Settings” option.

A new page with a set of options will be opened. You can select/unselect any options and these actions will not impact your browser UNTIL you press Reset button.

Browser Cleaning Settings
Please, note: this operation will close all instances of selected browsers. Any unsaved changes will be lost, so you need to save all your work in progress before you continue.

Choose browsers that you want to reset and items that need to be back to default mode. Click Reset. That’s all!

Please, save all your important data before cleaning. All bookmarks will stay at their places, there are no options here able to remove them.

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