Gridinsoft Anti-Malware Internet Security

GridinSoft Internet Security is an internet filtering technology that checks each web page you visit in real-time and will allow or block a webpage based on the GridinSoft Threat List and your preferences.

According to our internet security research, internet filtering is increasingly important as most infections and threats appear on your PC while visiting harmful sites without knowing it. Our real-time filtering technology gives you visibility and control over your online activity with easy-to-use controls.

Since the internet is full of mature and inappropriate content, a reliable and advanced internet filter is essential to protect yourself and your family from unintended exposure.

Internet Security

How does Internet Security work?

GridinSoft Internet Security relies on our technology to review the content of any website connected with malware, adware activity, or virus-making.

Why is that important? The internet changes constantly; websites are updated daily, and thousands of new web pages are added worldwide. Our Analyst Team works hard to classify and research each threat they find, and we understand the necessity of having an internet filter that can keep up with these constant changes for our customers. Our filtering technology is based on our research, and we are proud of our possibility to update the Threat List hourly! We detect the threat and how it appears and block it simultaneously to prevent our customers from infecting as soon as possible.

Internet Security Settings

Keeping out unwanted content with Internet Security

GridinSoft Internet Security allows the good content you want to access while keeping out harmful and inappropriate pages so that you can use the internet without fear of accidental exposure to unwanted material or harmful software.

You can switch Internet Security On to view, block, or alert any harmful website listed in our ThreatList: list of possible threats here. These categories are the same for Windows and Android devices.

With our filtering technology, GridinSoft Internet Security will not cause your device or computer to run slowly when filtering internet content.

Blocked Screen

Unblock Restricted Site

Using Internet Security, you have to know that any restrictions could be changed if you guess the site is blocked by mistake or you know you want to visit it – in this case, they could be changed to suit each user’s unique needs.

Visit this site anyway
“Visit this site anyway” action.
“Add this site to Ignore List permanently” action.
“Add this site to Ignore List permanently” action.
Report false detection
“Report false detection” action.
Add current domain to Ignore List
“Add current domain to Ignore List” action.
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