On-Run Protection

This feature allows you to get extra protection against possible threats. When you occasionally launch a certain executable file that is infected and thus identified by GridinSoft Anti-Malware as a virus, the program would immediately notify you of it and will not let you launch it until you authorize the system to permit such actions. By default, this option is already activated once you install the software.

On Run Protection
On Run Protection

You can see this feature in the form of the “Protect” tab. Once you launch GridinSoft Anti-Malware, this feature will be activated immediately (permanently monitoring your PC activity and protecting you from possible launching of malware applications).

New Threats Found
On-Run Protection Alert: New Threats Found

You can apply any action you consider right in every situation. There are Ignore Once, Delete, Move to quarantine, and Ignore Always options.

When a certain malware process is just about to be launched, you will get the following notification:

On-Run Protection Blocked Threats
On-Run Protection Blocked Threats

If you choose the Block always an option, the found threat will be quarantined, and if you choose “Ignore always”, the found object will be added to ignore list.

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