Restore or delete quarantined items in Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

Sending dangerous items to quarantine

Scan Results
If advanced mode is off, scan results screen will offer you to clean every detected threat at once.

Once the scan has been completed successfully, please, have a look at detected items to decide if they all have to be swiped off or not. If yes – the easiest way to get rid of them is to press the Clean Now button.

In scan results report, all detected threats are listed, ordered by severity and impact on your computer. The cleaning process means that all detected items will be quarantined. Therefore they will stay at your PC but remain defused.

If you change your mind and decide to use one of the quarantined files – you may easily restore them to their original place by visiting the Quarantine list at the Tools tab.

Advanced options
Advanced options allow more actions to be applied to the detected threats.

If you are computer-savvy enough, you can switch to Advanced mode and apply an individual action to each detected item. Here are more variants of actions to apply:

  • Choose Ignore Once for the items, which you want to ignore in the current scan results. These items will be ignored only this time.
  • Choose Ignore Always for the items, which you think are clean and should not be detected. Therefore they will be added to the Ignore List.
  • Choose Move to Quarantine for the items you want to remove. You’ll be able to restore accidentally deleted files. This is a recommended action as it is the safest.
  • Choose Delete to remove selected items permanently. We do not recommend applying this action if you are not an advanced PC user.
Apply to all
Mind that the upper menu applies actions to all threats.

You can apply the same action to all files by selecting it in the “Apply to all” area at the table header. However, you may apply different actions one by one to all the items you need.

Advanced options individual
To apply advanced options to particular itmes, use dropdown menus at the right side of each entry.

REMEMBER: All actions applied in the Advanced Mode will be saved when you are switching back to a usual mode. That’s why we recommend to use this option carefully!

Below is how the virus removal process looks like. Click Close in the congratulation window once the items have been removed.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware will arrange the report about the successful completion of the removal process. Click the OK button on a window with removal results to return to the main window.

Removal process
Removing threats will end with the results notification.

Restore or remove quarantined items?

The Quarantine list stores those threats placed there after applying the “Move to quarantine” action after scanning. The “Move to quarantine” action is equal to the “Delete” action, but it has the ability to restore items from Quarantine.

A user may restore a certain file if they consider it a false positive (at their own risk). Please, report the false positive to us via the customer ticket support system (by creating a new ticket).

Quarantine list
You can find the Quarantine list in the Tools tab.

To view/open the quarantine list, please, go to the “Tools” tab and select the “Quarantine list” option. You may now immediately Remove the specific item from your Quarantine list or Restore it despite general settings.

Items of the quarantine list
Items of the quarantine list can be either restored or removed for good.
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